We build trusting relationships with you and your family. We find solutions that fit your family’s personal and company interests, and that have the flexibility to keep pace with the ever-evolving and dynamic world.


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Our Services

With increased globalization and advancement in technology, the world has become more interconnected and complex. To help find efficient solutions to a family’s personal and company concerns which arise in this intricate world, we offer a set of holistic consulting services: Family Legacy Building, Global Master Planning and Business Consulting.

For the Remarkable Family Legacy Building Program, we conduct:

  • Private Family Coaching
  • Company Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements

Remarkable Family Program—An Approach to Building Legacies

CPS offers a unique and holistic approach to family matters through the Remarkable Family Global Citizens Curriculum. Raising a child who can thrive in the 21st century global playing field presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges which require careful considerations and guidance. Through our proprietary research and the Remarkable Family Global Citizens Curriculum, the concept of “Family Capital” (Charles W. Collier and James E. Hughes) and a “Global Citizens Roadmap”© is introduced. This family curriculum incorporates the three pillars of language, culture and solid character and provides parents with frameworks and resources necessary for their children to become well adjusted, thoughtful and responsible individuals who will embrace this dynamic and global world.

Global Master Planning—Strategic Solutions

Optimal global asset allocation and structure is complex and challenging yet critical for families to achieve asset protection, thoughtful succession and tax efficient estate planning. We guide families in crafting unique and customized solutions by working closely with legal and tax experts in our network as well as coordinate closely with your existing advisors.

Click here to see CPS LLC’s Global Master Planning conceptual framework

Business Consulting—Global Reach

We provide research based strategic advice by identifying and connecting our clients to collaborative and synergistic partners through our global network of businesses, government and academic leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Rigorous due diligence is the backbone of Cook Pine Solutions LLC, and we strive to maximize efficiency in ferreting and culling the many opportunities that are shown to your family. Where appropriate, our affiliate, Cook Pine Securities LLC, will work on assignments that necessitate broker-dealer involvement.