Words from Experts

“In Our Next Generation Global Citizens, Kuwana provides a comprehensive road map and current research to guide families in raising children with the skills to navigate an increasingly complex world. Parents will find this a tremendous resource in their quest to create a flourishing family.”
—Charles W. Collier
Former Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Harvard University, and author of Wealth in Families

“Health, communication, support, and compassion, are among the basic elements families need to nurture well – adjusted, open minded, “global citizens.” Yumi Mera Kuwana’s curriculum is a timely and important guide that helps 21st century families take on this current challenge.”
—Dale V. Atkins, Ph.D.
Psychology, PC, www.drdaleatkins.com

How can you prepare your children to be global citizens? Based on research and her extensive experience of working with families, Yumi Kuwana provides a practical guide on how to develop children who have the mindset, competencies and character required to thrive in today’s world. Every parent and educator can benefit by walking through the roadmap Kuwana provides. She does not suggest “one-size-fits-all,” but rather offers insight into what you need to think about in tailoring your approach to the aspirations of your family and the distinctive qualities and talents of your child.
—Linda A. Hill
Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration, Faculty Chair, Leadership Initiative, Harvard Business School

“Those of us who are parents and grandparents are all concerned, in the Information Age, with how to help our children and grandchildren chart a path to worthy, productive and happy lives. Yumi Kuwana in her marvelous book “Our Next Generation Global Citizens” offers us an accessible road map to achieve just that. She starts by asking us to discover how our children and grandchildren learn and from there to help them grow their human, intellectual, social, and spiritual selves toward making them the adaptive, resilient spirits the globe needs for its well-being while assuring they flourish as individuals. I thank you Yumi as do my children and grandchildren.”
—James (Jay) E. Hughes Jr.
Author of Family Wealth: Keeping it in the Family, Family: The Compact Among Generations, and with Keith Whitaker and Susan Massenzio: The Cycle of the Gift

“The concept of global citizenship can be easily misunderstood, underestimated, or over simplified—not so in the hands of Yumi Kuwana, University of Pennsylvania, B.A. and Harvard Business School alumna, and now a well-respected investment advisor!! Having spent her life between America and Japan, a global citizen herself, Ms Kuwana argues in her writing and seminars that global citizenship is the key to unlocking the potential of the 21st century. Therefore it must be based on a firm foundation of family, language facility, leadership skills and ethics. Families should make decisions, early on, for their children to study the language and culture of another nation; they should instill in their children the solid and shared values of the two cultures involved; and they should encourage their children to acquire the leadership experience and the character traits that will enable them to make the compassionate, careful, and smart decisions demanded by the complex factors shaping our globalizing world.”
—Thomas C. Hayden
Former Director of College Counseling at Phillips Exeter Academy and Instructor in History, and author of The Insiders’ Guide to College Admission

“Yumi Mera Kuwana has created a spectacular program for raising children so that they can enter the new world fully prepared and eager to be global citizens. Ms. Kuwana has brought extensive research to underpin her unique program, but she has also brought a depth of passion and commitment that gives her program sparkle, guts, and heft. She loves this world, and she is now giving her life’s blood to prepare the coming generation to solve its myriad problems, as well as to live lives of honor, depth, and fulsome joy. What a treasure she’s created, what a treasure she, truly is, herself.”
—Edward Hallowell, M.D. Psychiatrist